About us

North America Integrated Supply LLC dedicate their work to ease your business supply needs.

How NAIS started

North America Integrated Supply LLC is a private American company that was formed in 2019. We supply tools, materials, hardware, maintenance equipment and supplies for mechanical, electrical and other utility needs.

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Goals for our clients

We aim to support any business through our expertise in order to help ease the process of procurement. To achieve seamless communication, we expose ourselves allowing you to contact us through our website, email or phone. By dedicating team to each business we improve your business experience with us. No need to wait in line to reach us, we will reach out to you.

Let us do the work

Simply let us know what you want and let us provide and process it for you

Dedicated Team

We dedicate ourselves into your business, allowing us to help you at any time

Seamless Communication

We want to remove our distance from you. Simply contact us through our webiste, email or call us!